Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Colorado Springs

Your home is your sanctuary, and making sure you sanctuary is comfortable can take a lot of electricity. Why not create that electricity in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way with Solar? On average Colorado has some of the best weather for solar with 300 plus days of gorgeous sunlight each year. Triton has been working with homeowners just like you in Colorado for almost a decade, and we couldn’t be more excited to help make your solar dreams happen.

Why Solar?

Solar energy has been an emerging trend for years, and now there is an even bigger push from utility companies as well as businesses to bring solar to residential neighborhoods. Triton has been on the forefront of this trend in Colorado and we will endeavour to provide you with a system that can save you money on your monthly utility bills, be tracked via monitoring systems and connected to your city electrical grid. One of the biggest things attracting homeowners to solar power is not only saving the planet but also collecting federal rebates and local utility rebates just for having a system installed and putting energy back into the grid instead of consuming it. Let’s explore some of those benefits and rebates below.

In most cases your home will have an on-grid system installed, which means energy that is produced in excess will be used to help power other homes in your community. If you choose an off-grid plan that utilizes batteries to store energy than the install process will look a little different. Colorado has some incredible programs for solar, not only do they employ a system called net metering to reward people for the clean energy they produce but they also give huge tax breaks for solar costs. For local rebates be sure to check out individual utility companies and their websites as those rebates can change from year to year. A couple that we have found are through organizations like EnergySmart Colorado and Holy Cross Energy. These two companies, who only represent a small portion of companies will to provide rebates can offer hundreds of dollars towards your solar system as well as an ongoing per-kilowatt rebates. For tax breaks Colorado once again comes in with some of the most generous in the nation. With the purchase of your solar panels you will pay absolutely no sales tax with the ‘Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Equipment’ break. It’s a long name but a great deal once you see the price tag on some of the equipment. Just for installing those panels and a new solar system the property value of the house will go up, and the ‘Property Tax Exemption for Residential Renewable Energy Equipment’ will protect you from any additional taxes that may arise.

It can’t be understated that using clean energy and providing for your community is one of the trends that makes Colorado great. Let Triton Solar partner with on this solar energy journey and provide you with the best system, and best service you can find anywhere.