Triton Solar

Solar is a clean, efficient, and sustainable form of energy. By going solar, you're also helping to conserve our planet's resources. You reduce your carbon footprint, help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. Solar saves you money. By owning your own solar system, you're not just saving on your electricity costs1 you're also insulating yourself against potential increases in those costs! Plus, you can take advantage of all applicable incentives and rebates available to homeowners who have installed solar. Solar gives you independence. The moment your GAF Solar™ System is turned on, you'll be generating your own power. You'll no longer need to rely solely on the utility companies or on traditional sources of energy. By installing a solar system, you become your own energy provider, reducing electricity costs for the next 25+ years. Most utility companies will track your electricity generation through net metering and should credit you for the excess solar power you produce.